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Post  Dr_Obvious on Sat Nov 06, 2010 8:14 am

if been fiddling around with the commands and finally found out which commands match.
to replace by bulk, you need to get your replace positions. Place these carefully cause everything inside the area can be edited.
so you do - //hpos1 fo first position
and //hpos2 for second position
once you have your area, you can edit the blokcs in it...
to do so you can replace them by doing //replace <fromID> [toID]
lemme explain that. If you want to replace just certain blocks in that area, but not others, you put the block id you want to manipulate. Dont put anything there if you wanna affect all the blocks in that area. [toID] is what your changing your blocks to. Kinda self explanitory.

If you have any questions, ask me and ill try and help.

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