Ranks and what they mean.

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Ranks and what they mean.

Post  Decarthado on Thu Dec 16, 2010 9:29 pm

For everybody who may not know, here's a summary of the ranks we have on the server and what each of them entails.


Admin [orange] - Admins are the big-wigs of the server. They make sure everything is up to snuff on a mechanical level as well as working with players to make sure everything is how it needs to be.

Mods [purple] - Mods are helpers to the Admins. They don't have as much of an ability to change the game, but they certainly maintain order in the absence of an Admin.

Trusted [green] - Trusted players have been on the server long enough that at least one of the Admins believes they're trustworthy enough to give additional commands in game. They don't technically outrank Accepted users by anything except seniority, the ability to do some minor jumping around the world, and the ability to be King of a nation should they ever end up wanting to do so.

Accepted [grey] - Players who register a forum account are ranked Accepted. Each additional rank adds more commands to your /help menu. Accepted users may become Mayors of a town if they should choose to do so.

noob [white] - noob users have only basic ability to manipulate the world and to travel about.

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