New block?

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New block?

Post  Dee on Mon Nov 22, 2010 1:22 pm

Okay the title may be mis-leading but oh well. I was thinking, there is not one RARE block in Minecraft! I have yet to pass a Natural block that makes me go "could it be?!"
Diamond is not all that rare.
I want to see a block that is only found in pockets of one. and is surrounded by at LEAST 3 blocks each way. (meaning it can not be visible with out doing some digging) also it would be used to make either a tool or blocks. (like diamond, gold, iron etc)
but the tool it would craft would be like no other. it would be 1.5x more effective/fast then diamond tools, but work at top capacity in all situations. ( Axe, pick, shovel all in one)
then you would need to make another "tool" which would be the combative version. (sword, bow with extended range combined)

also this block would only be found in every say 3000 blocks? that may be a bad number.

COMMENT your thoughts Very Happy

-Dee Very Happy

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